she-vi rules

i'm so sick of craptastic people messing with my girls! one of my girls has an ex husband that's THE most immature scum of the earth i've ever met. he's the type of guy that never grew up (character wise). my friend is so freaking caring and giving and she's got more patience than half of los angeles combined...and he totally takes advantage of that crap...if he were my ex his tires would be slashed on a regular basis...better be glad he didn't marry the ghetto chick!

ok nuff energy wasted on the weak minded. tomorrow is the day all my nerves are put to rest...closure. sorry to be so vague...more juicy details will be revealed shortly. (evil laugh) i'm at a point right now though that i'm finally getting back to la basics. modeling has got to happen for me so that i can start doing what i love!

i'm so ready to go to las vegas this weekend...even if it's only for one night it's good to just let go and be wild. i'll come up with a name for my saturday night...just wait. ;)


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