sangria and the moon

many moons ago i went with a love to find sangria and was introduced to this cheap and delicious red nectar that comes in a ghetto big round bottle. i love the stuff and for reasons unbeknownst to me i always forget i stock the stuff...i find it on the perfect nights and i sip away. i'm either in the beginning stages of being an alcoholic or i'm sophisticated chic as hell. :) i prefer the latter.

i am all packed for my vegas trip and was planning on going to bed early tonight but bravo's airing "bridget jones diary" can i pass that up? classic film there....well at least for the single woman.

all women with granny underwear need to start a club. i'm finding it hysterical that this guy seriously looks her right in the face and lies to her about mark darcy having an affair with his fiance when it was him all along....and she even said that she wasn't fond of the guy. there was NO reason for him to lie. ugh. liars are a boil on my butt i say!

as they are for a lot of people i suspect...funny how bitter women always think they're the only ones that have ever been shagged royally in places we care not to speak of :) "very bad man between my thighs" hee hee...who came up with the word bitter anyways? am i truly bitter or just more aware of bull shit that's thrown my way? good question i suspect.

i don't know if i'm just "warm" from the wine or if i've just never noticed that this movie IS my's crazy. b is laughing at me currently because she thinks i'm truly watching it for the first eyes or whatever. the sangria is kicking in. :)

instead of a man kicking me in the arse i choose vodka...and chaka khan...perfect movie.

alright. i'm waking up at the butt crack of dawn to meet up with some great gals for my weekend of liberation. being a single young woman has its benefits i must say.


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