my rose that grew from the cement

i'm blown away by the power myspace has over folks. i am currently dealing with folks who swear that they know me and my friends based on the comments we leave each other. is that not odd for anyone? anyone?

i just thought i'd throw a little something out there...last weekend was really good for me. i woke up at the BUTT crack of dawn and got on a plane to go visit my twin and her hubby in sac town. i painted...i slept...i laughed...danced..walked and talked and got to know a new friend better. it's amazing the good fortune you can encounter from sad points in your life. i just love hanging with my girl....for some reason i'm allowed to forget the pain..i can talk about it even...but it's as if this layer of thickness prevents the stories from hitting me too hard. can't explain it, but all of that to say i loved my weekend. it hurt coming home...i encountered fire on the's too damn hot in california! and was so tired this morning i was deliriously out of it. i saw the ex who cheated on me and i started crying...i blame it on the lack of sleep. somedays are gonna be hard...some easier... i know this man! but it still bites. i'm packing up my stuff currently. no more eagle rock for me. i love this area...i really do but i am excited to move in with b....PERMANENT SLUMBER PARTY! woooo hoooo!

"i love what you've done with the place, may i have some wonder tonic"...does anyone else love the new milk commercials? :) ha! packing time!


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