my night in the spotlight

so last night the fam sat around the ole boob tube and watched my tv spot i did when i first moved out to los angeles...fitting for my anniversary today. happy one year for tishy!!!!! it was cool to sit and laugh and joke with those that know me best...they so recognized the faces i make in my scene. it was a little biddy role that i speaking...only thing they'll see nationally (for a while anyways) but it was still cool to get daps ya know? :)

yesterday my dad and one of my sisters left to go back home too...that was sad. we didn't plan our stays just right so i only got a couple of hours with the man. i forget how much i miss my dad at times. he's so cute and wonderful. we went to this place called mount bachelor (spelling?) and hiked and it was gorgeous (pics to come) and just hung out. i gave my cousin shell and her husband the run down on the lying cheating no good punk that cheated on me...good times. they actually met him...spent time with him and i over memorial weekend but it's all good. it won't be the last "flavor" i bring to the family lol...that's for sure.

well we're about to go put put (hee hee) and then we're going white water rafting today. i'm wearing a dress...great planning but i dont care. i'm a soldier!

family time is great. i revert back to a 14 year old again and life is swell. we were just discussing that a bit ago. my gram was impressed that i made my own yeah...even though we all got sloshed together last night...i mean we were all doing shots of tequila...with the grandparents but i still feel like a kid. just to prove it, i watched cartoons this morning when i first woke up :) i'm staying in a condo with shell, munro and my sis an....just the four of's great man. this is the life! must i go back to big kid land of liars and sneaks? (No offense to the buds i've made!)...i don't wanna!


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