family time

7.27.2006 i'm in oregon waiting for all of my cousins to get back from white water rafting...along with my dad and sisters. it's so crazy to hear stories of the "babies" in the family now driving...going away to college...katie freaking went sky diving! what the heck...i blinked and my family grew up. it's crazy when that happens. being in la is so weird...i grew so far apart from my family...i get in a tish bubble and just kinda forget that there are people out there that have known me since the beginning of a tish. crazy i know.

so the flight here was some what horrific. i had to get on this tiny little plane from portland to redmond and i seriously had tears coming down thinking i was going to die...for those that know me well i couldn't even grab my journal to write a farewell to those i love...yeah i was that terrified of moving a muscle. i would watch the parents grab on to their children and look out the windows and i would close my eyes and grab my chair handles. i just kept thinking it wasn't time yet...i haven't made my mark on the world's not my time. all of this for a 26 minute flippin flight. i know... but i'm not even afraid of planes and i was trippin so ya'll know this was a bumpy ride!

alright so the itinerary for tonight looks like talking with the peeps...catching up...avoiding weird stares from the locals...i don't think they've ever seen black folk up close and personal and just chillin. tomorrow i have to shop for some rafting shoes...oh yeah baby!!!

the only thing that's missing from this weekend is my weird to take the first vacation without's just not the same. i can tell it's awkward for every one. sigh...alright! good luck and good night.


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