wild horses couldn't drag me away

there's no reason for that title other than the fact that I'm listening to that song...it's one of my favorites...

so today i went and met with this chick from this acting agency type place. they freaking rock. they are a network of casting directors and actors who help with resumes, cover letters, mass mailings of headshots, among helping you get discounts with photographers, setting you up in classes with casting directors...eva longoria went to this place...it was cool and the chick i met with said i definitely belong here...that i have good instinct (wink) and wants to enroll me in some advanced classes ...only catch--the yearly membership to this place is $450...yes. i mean if you think about it that's not much but i have to pay it all at once...so i'll be saving up for awhile...ms eating cereal at nights lol. it sounds cool though. TVI for anyone that's ever heard of it. this really nice chick on myspace actually recommended it to me. her son is freaking on "everybody hates chris" as the little brother so i'll take her word for it :)

so that was my day. a friend of mine on here, gregory martin, cast me in his latest film as a dean of students (hee hee) and so i'm going to shoot for that on Saturday morning. hopefully it will lead to more!

well dears. something will work itself out hopefully!


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