who's house?

i'm watching run's house on mtv. i LOVE this show :) i have to get the dvd's yo! (yes, "yo" is my word for the day. i feel like being east coast)

it's fitting that i'm watching the show though because i just found out i'm able to leave this place i currently call my space at the end of july....more time to save up money for my own spot ya know? my roommate came and rang my dang doorbell at 7 something this morning because she needed me to move my car for some tree people. apparently her home will be shown on hgtv so check that ish out folks! i won't be there no mo but i love the home. it's pretty ;)

last night i went to my first baseball game and it was cool. i felt like i was back in kansas city for a split moment. i actually met a girl that went to KU in the line getting in...what are the frickin chances of that?! st louis chica. anywho. i had a dodger dog, got me some garlic fries ( i know you're stomach is doing flips right now cuz mine was after i ate that junk) but it was all good. the dodgers kicked arse too! i'm not used to a team winning like that (sorry jen and other royals fans) i mean they had 10 runs! what's up with that?! whoa

today i'm heading out to hang with my girl b and ari. we're hitting up melrose because i've never been. i can't buy anything but i can look right? :) monday i have a print audition too. hopefully i get it and it pays a lot of yummy cash. :) my agent actually got me this one...can you believe it?! he's usually so wack...

i have a lovely fever blister making residence on my lip though and two planets on my chin...nice ;) gotta love my bodies ability to do me right when i need it the most :)


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