waiting to pinch myself

i want so very badly to go back to the good ole silly goofy tish but life's kinda kickin my butt lately. the roommate found someone to rent out the place once i'm gone so now i just have to focus on finding storage, getting my address changed and working on a roommate/finding an apartment :)

that's the good part. my conscious can remain cleared that we're both getting out of this without bloodshed. she found someone to pay almost double what i could afford and i'm getting away from unneeded drama

i went and watched the movie "click" tonight and it seriously left me thinking long and hard about my life and the choices i've made thus far (yes adam sandler's movie had that effect on me-don't judge). my best friend in the world is flying across the world, as i type, on her way to italy to spend a glorious week with the one she loves and i can't help but wonder when my surreal life gets to start...that moment where you sit back and have to pinch yourself because it just keeps getting better and better. i have no idea what it is i'd have to do in order to pinch myself...according to the moral of mr. sandler's story i should focus on the journey and not the destination but that's a little idealistic. when do the pinches come?! do they come when i start acting right and making the proper choices or is it all luck?

so the audition was a bust. i know there will be more...and hopefully i'll land something that i'll be super proud of...for now though i just have to focus on work and making it thru this week without any more tears. no woman no cry.

raise your hand if you're suprised that tishy came out here and turned into a dork? (i'm raising my hand) i can't help it. i'm not gonna beat myself up over it though...it'll make for good times on my true hollywood story :)


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