that's a wrap!

so i just finished doing a scene for my myspace buddy's film in the valley. it freaking rocked. now mind you i was a complete and udder brat this morning...i was up early....i was in the heat...i was about to miss an appointment that i ended up canceling anyways...but then i chilled my butt down and put the darn thing in perspective...i was on set (which always fills me with new life) and my bud was cool enough to snag me a speaking role. i played someone by the name of ms jenkins which is funny because my girl, lex, has called me "latisha jenkins" for years. coincidence? i think not!

i'm so hung over now though from the heat. i have no ac in this tiny little place of mine so i'm going to go sleep to chill out. take a very cold shower :) it was a lot of fun though guys....i always forget that feeling...then i get up and out there and boom it comes at me.

i really need to focus on taking more classes. i always feel like i'm not hitting the scenes quite like i should. i want people to see my performances and just be blown away..back when i was taking classes every day i was killin folks but i'm kinda rusty. self doubt can be a nasty dirty thing ya'll...i can't end on that though cuz today freaking rocked, so i'll say that rocked and totally made my weekend. THANKS GREGORI!!!!


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