something's gotta give

have you ever seen the movie, "something's gotta give"? there's this character played by diane keaton who has her heart broken and she begins to cry at random intervals thru out the following scenes. that's how i am now...not heartbroken but the "friends leaving" thing touched some weird nerve and i just can't keep it together. my boy left today and i seriously only saw him for a minute. he came and gave me a quick hug at work and that was that. i watched him leave in the parking lot (i know this is pathetically bad but work with me here) and it just started pouring. by the time i got off work i was a sentimental bag of goo. i need my best friend and i need my boy. it's weird how much we depend on the good people we put in our lives. i'm trying to be like my best friend jen. when her boyfriend left for italy she made all of these great plans to occupy her time and it worked...not so much with me. it's weird but i don't want to do anything but at the same time i can't be trusted home alone...i write blogs and cry and analyze my life a little too much.

i know i'm a strong person and this is silly but i'm just gonna let the stupid crap flow and maybe then it'll go away. did i mention the fact that i'm going to a wrap party for that mary movie i got to be on set for? that's gonna make my saturday quite fun and then sunday i plan to go see a chick flick with one of the goyles. i'm attempting to have a normal single girl life...i'm trying :)


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