run's house

yes, i'm still on run's house. :) i love this show. it's made my sunday night.

so this weekend was cool. i went to my first dodgers game which you already know. then on saturday i hung with my girlie b on melrose. it's not what i expected. it's kind of seedy in a way. there's definitely pretty "beverly hills parts" but the shopping district area is interesting...very artsy if you will. we looked around, ate at a cute little mexican restaurant called antonio's (where i learned that frida kahlo made tequila cuz she loved the stuff so much and this restaurant carried it!) and got coffee and sat outside to people watch. it was lovely.

that night we clubbed at mood. my girlie's a big ole cutie and got us in pretty lines for us! today we just hung out in our pj's and enjoyed the's going by way too quickly though. i have two auditions tomorrow. this should be interesting for sure. one's for a pilot series on tv and one's for a print commercial ad. :) wish me luck!


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