run tish run

so for some odd reason i finally decided to get out and check out the rose bowl to start running again. at one point (high school thru my jr year of college) i'd run 3 miles a day...kept me feeling spiffy but then i just stopped. very unfortunate. i kept saying i'd get back into it but i'd come up with excuses..then i got so pissed off yesterday i just found the track while driving...(see good things can spring up from negative pooh!) so i drive out to the rose bowl, park and begin to follow the crowd. i couldn't help but smile. there were people playing soccer, hockey, couples walking, friends talking. it was just some park out of a movie (there's a trail around the rose bowl and connecting golf course for people to use) i walked for a little over an hour and just hashed out all my probs. i gotta get my girl out here to run with me. it was nice. i feel good and water never tasted better :) now you know i've got some probs when did couples invade running trails...everybody had someone EXCEPT FOR TISHY. well there were uber running guru's doing there thing but they're cool. it's ok that they're chillin by themselves. they have cute butts and teeny weeny shorts ;)

ok. i'm tired. time to drink some yummy water. next on the list. cute work out clothes so i'm not self conscious any more than i need to be. that and a cute light weight water bottle. any suggestions?


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