pop sugar diva

aight ya'll. i'm now ready to go into battle. i came home early and sat my little keister down to start researching pop culture online. i've hit up popsugar.com and cnn.com (lol...for the nerd in me) plus i watched access hollywood and some e on mtv...oh yeah! i'm ready ya'll....i'm about to rock this audition! woooo hoooo.

something kind of disturbing, but totally blog worthy. so i had a bloody nose today, i tend to get them a bunch here lately (damn you california dry heat!) but for some really gross reason i actually looked at the tissue i was using to plug up with and it was in the shape of the number 12...so i immediately thought of the lottery (i dont' know just did) and then a couple hours later this woman from my department asks me if i want to go in on the pool....so i say yes as long as there's a 12 in the numbers-there is so maybe i'll win a litte something something :) cross your fingers!


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