on beauty

man i've had a good chill day. i slept a whole bunch, cleaned my place, showered off my nasty week and just chilled. i went over to starbucks, picked up a drink and then sat on my front porch reading a book....weather's perfect, birds are chirping, a baby is laughing some where in the background. just a beautiful day all around. i think tonight i'm going to pop in a shakespeare movie and drink some sangria and have a little date with myself. i kinda fell in love with my time today. i realized for the first time one thing that i have to have in a partner some day. i want the person to just be able to sit in a room with me or sit in a space with me and just be...no talking, just being and for that to be cool.

tomorrow is errand day....changing my oil, grabbing some groceries and testing out a new recipe that my best girl just gave me....bbq chicken pizza...sounds good doesn't it? when you add gate's bbq sauce it's off the chain folks! what ya'll know about that?! OR the fact that i'm out in cali and have some gates! :)


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