mtv music awards

so brokeback's two main hunks just won an award for best kiss and jake got on stage and said something actually substantial. i love smart actors.

so i know ya'll are all waiting for news of my game show so i flunked miserably. lol. you take some quiz to show how savvy you are at pop culture stuff and i just bit the big one. oh well. you win some and you lose a lot. builds character yadda yadda. i was asked to go to another audition to be a host for the la film festivals so i'm not too bumbed. oh yeah baby! i don't think it pays....ANYTHING but hey... my little rump has to start somewhere...dang can someone throw a money bone though?!

tomorrow i'm going on a date to see the movie cars and then the rest of the weekend i'm going to try my hardest to cheer up my best bud whose boy is leaving for italy. she gets to go see him in 3 weeks though so i can't pity her too much...italian men every where....mmm

fyi....narles barkely is cee-lo....amateurs! hmph


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