men are suddenly experts?

ok so one of my boys told me the other day i'm going about relationships all wrong and then preceeded to advise me on what i'm doing wrong and how i should fix it. he said all of this with authority because he of course is about to get married and therefore has become the uber expert on dating and finding a potential mate...groan gag. why do men (it's ALWAYS guys too) think that the minute they've found someone cool they have the power to tell everyone else their business? don't they know it's just luck?...dumb luck that you were lucky enough to find your soulmate! hmph. i was a little perturbed. i wanted to slap him for laughing at me with his mocking ass lil attitude lol....i'm not disheartened though. my best friend helped me to see that many of my other guy friends have done this to me in the past and once i caught on i found it to be quite i tell you what.

i do have an interesting question though for all the uber it easier to get married young...or to someone who doesn't have much of a past? the reason i ask is i now have a lot of ex boyfriends (groan) and guy friends built up cuz of my broke single behind...if i were to find the love of my life would it be kosher to let them all go? how do folks that get married later in life handle such a thing? i mean ideals set aside you do change (compromise) once you're married...not everyone can handle the ex love of your life stopping by for a beer. a guy i'm dating mentioned certain aspects of his past sexual life that had me whirling-mouth hanging open in shock...the works. i mean my young married freinds never have this problem! everything's new and a first for the both of them BUT NOOOOO not me. i don't want to hear these stories people! i don't want that past! (ok so i kinda do -it's totally a julia roberts in closer kind of thing, ya just keep asking questions....) but jeez!

relationships and those that preach to me about the damn things are goofy as heck to me. ok it's friday night. i'm a loser. i have to be up early for filming tomorrow so i couldn't go out with a new friend/twin from the mulatta nation (shout out to TIFF!). instead i'm sitting at home having a date with myself and the movie "midsummer's night dream"... all ya'll married/taken folk i do NOT wanna hear it!


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