enough is enough

tell me how shady this is...so i discuss NOT raising rent by a ginormous amount with my roommate and tell her i'll just move out and stay with my girlie until i find my own place and she immediately insists that that's a bad idea and she won't raise. so i get an EMAIL of all absurd things today saying rent won't be raised until the first of the new year but then it's right back where she said before. ain't that a.....so i came home from a craptastic day just to encounter more crap? i had to get out and drive...that's saying a lot for me...especially with gas being ridiculous right now. i'm SO sick of things going to crap. i'm putting some serious weird energy out into the world i swear! so the new plan is to move in with a friend that's moving out here from kansas city. he doesn't know if this is a done deal or not but i'll let him know what's up. :)  are there apartments out here that already have fridges and stoves or is that unheard of? see the silly things ya have to worry about? i don't care about being without for awhile though. it's the principle of the matter. no more telling me when to clean up my place and random weird inspections thru my private things, no more "you're a burden and i need the extra rent nonsense", no more feeling like i have to hide when i get home. all the spas in the world can't help with that kind of stress. see this is latent roommate drama. most have this in college. i was lucky. easy sailing then. this is DISGUSTINGLY like college...at least i did gain the freshmen 15 back then :)


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