dreams and some rest does a body good

hello my people! it's been a while. i have missed you. life without blogs is kind of sad and lonely. was that just really sad and pathetic that i admitted that? sorry but 'tis true. life got really weird for a minute.

so the roommate situation had me stressed pretty bad. i was really disappointed in myself last thursday. i was letting someone totally make me question my ability to be a respectable human being and friend. i was at work just stressing and i started to break down... i knew then i needed to get away. i decided i was going to arizona with a friend. i went to work on friday and had everything packed and ready to go...i get to work and she tells me she has to cancel so instead i hit up my girl b to let me stay with her. i just couldn't go home. i didn't have the strength to argue with the woman waiting there...she had been hitting me up with some harsh emails all day and i had had enough. so i went and saw the lakehouse friday night which i liked a lot (no judgements!) and then i went to my girlie's house and had total girlie slumber party weekend with her. we got our toes and nails done, talked, hung out with our guy friend to the wee hours of saturday night, went to her church (HUGE for tishy!) and just kicked it. it was nice to get away.

something else pretty cool happened. some friends all contacted me about seeing a commercial promoting funny tv shows on UPN and my goofy little butt popped up in the "all of us" scene i did :) i was grinning ear to ear when i found out. how cool is that, they chose that ish! i was starting to feel like i was delusional for being out here. that renewed my faith-gave me a much needed push. :)

i just found out my twin is in town tomorrow. she tried out for the same game show i did but she actually passed the darn test. hopefully i get to see her :) i'm coming for ya girl! :)


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