audition bust

well the audition didn't go as well as i would have liked. i currently have a fever blister and two scars from some killer zits on my face...not the cutest girl right now. i walk into this audition that is looking for a girl with clear skin (exact requirements) and here comes tish....all those girls were so beautiful. none would talk to me either lol. i did the test shots and then left, keeping my head as high as i could so they wouldn't see how embarrassed and out of place i truly felt. i missed the second audition because that one was taking too long. nice eh? i wasn't really into it i guess anyways.

it sucks that i'm involved in something that focuses on beauty so much. it hurt today. ugly duckling syndrome.

you know how you just have those days where you don't feel appreciated, don't feel that people see you?....i'm having that day. i'm tired to DEATH of my roommate harassing me and acting lip is boiling over because of her antics. life is just weird and it's hard to find firm ground to stand on right now. i need a vacation!

two important people in my life are going on long vacations over seas this week...i don't know what i'll do lol

i have one positive thing to say though. i tried the mcdonalds asian chicken salad and that thing is off the chain! it's the BOMB!


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