yesterday....seems so far away

sigh....the weekend is officially over. i had a killer day at the spa today. this place was uber amazing and i feel great now. talk about one of the best weekends of my life. the guy i'm seeing right now just called to tell me he was glad i lived it up. you can tell i've been rejuvenated. i was about to blow my top before last friday...sigh. last friday was great....great start to the weekend. saw x men...great stuff! loved it! and after that the weekend just took off. i've never smiled, laughed, exhaled, screamed so much in my life! i hate to see this weekend pass by but alas. at least i'm bloggin the stuff so that i can come back and remember fondly from time to time. i had so much fun kickin it today with my roomie and a good friend of ours. we talked about life, laughed over our stupid mistakes, our current mistakes...just enjoyed female company...and some other women's i must say cuz i sho wasn't expecting to see a bunch of naked females in the women's changing rooms there just walking around with their ish out. i'm sorry, the grammama in me still has to cover up. ha! "i didn't grow up in a naked home"...where did that line come from?!!!

ok. it's 10:00. time for bed. i'm gonna sleep good tonight dang it. good bye weekend. i've seriously loved every minute of your time. please come back around soon, k?!


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