whateva whateva

like jill scott says, it's "whateva whateva" today. nothing hot and bothering to report. i just had a chill day. my agent did want me to come in and sign some documents, but alas i''m broke and gas is stupid so i told him to fax that stuff to me lol...he did. i've signed the stuff before. organization is key with a type A personality like myself...he frankly makes me nervous...makes my butt twitch just a little. i'll let him try to get things together though. :) patience and hope...patience and hope. i also have to call back this woman and set up a meeting time to get into these new acting classes, tvi or something like that...casting agents teach the darn thing so i figure i'd stick my face into the mix. why not.

i actually have tried to follow up with angela nissel's 'people' but i haven't heard any responses back as of yet. i did read that she's currently in the process now of writing the dang first show. i'm hoping i planted "write this part with tish in mind" in her brain so that i'm the first to get a call. ya gotta use someone unknown...it's gotta be like chris rock's show, ya know what i mean vern? well that's my wishful thinking attempt anyways. :) ya'll can check out all the info on her and her the tv progress on angelanissel.com and if you ever get the urge to write her and tell her that i'm perfect because not only am i mixed, i'm also broke as well then hey, go ahead and do just that! :)

for the bookworms, i'm currently reading _on beauty_ which happens to be a dang good book. i suggest picking it up.


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