people get sick in la?

ok so yesterday was a cool chill day....well rather warm which is why i didn't think anything of the nauseated pangs i kept experiencing...i just associated it with warm weather changes and called it a night...i worked late...getting home at 8 and then went straight to bed...woke up at 10 and was up the rest of the night with a nasty case of a flu bug. i tell ya, when you're alone and battling sickness by yourself it's the worst. no one to grab you some gatorade from the store or bring you crackers. i had to call my mom a thousand something miles away just to find out the procedure of when i could start drinking liquids again. i feel like crap and look even worse. the situation totally reminds me of an episode of sex and the city where samantha, miss independent, gets sick and finds out her relationships in life suck cuz no one's there for her. it's taken all my strength just to get out of bed to write this damn thing. ugh. it may sound dumb but i didn't think people got the flu in california's too pretty and the weather is too nice...back to bed i go. i have a feeling this weekend is going to be lonely and sucktastic. i've never had good luck with people babying me when i'm sick. my whole life i was the oldest that had to look out for the two young ones underneath me...when i was sick my mom assumed i could take it like a g...i can't. i want someone bringing me soup and telling me i'm a poor baby. hmph. i'm going back to bed. hour 4 without getting sick...wahoooo! maybe it's starting to pass!


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