my first audition

so my first audition was interesting. lol. first of all i could NOT find the darn place..i seriously had to call four times to get the directions cuz she kept goofin me up. i made it though, handed over my make shift resume and headshot (a little 4x6 and printed resume i printed out 10 min before) and grabbed the sides to begin to study. it was a really interesting piece....kind of shakespearean actually which is funny cuz i just finished telling this guy at my job that i REFUSED to do shakespeare...just not my bag. this was decent though...poetic.

i asked for some background information on the short film so the director gave me some detail. it's an interesting film about people of color trying to make it in very intelligent. afterwards he asked me to talk about i mentioned this was my first audition and then he asked how long i had been in la...(warning tish!!! this is where you lie so you don't look like a complete loser!) i say the honest, "i've been here since august 1st." and he immediately asks "and you're just now getting an audition?" like i'm some sort of freak...not good tish. i really have to work on my interviewing skills.

he seemed really cool though and after his breakdown i totally took a different spin on my reading so hopefully i stood out a little :) i wasn't nervous at all beforehand....actually i was upset that i wasn't...i've started to become jaded to acting since i've been out of the game for so long...i'd pimp myself for any role right about now but this audition totally brought me back to my basic i had missed her. little bits of acting life here and there refresh me like you wouldn't believe...the stars are back in my eyes. :)


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