mission impossible

ok so for the last week or so i have been keeping a big secret that's been killin me...i was helping one of my best bud's moms plan a surprise party for her...and this girl was TERRIBLY hard to sneak around...she kept trying to create her own plans for the big night. i thought i was gonna have to shake her up until the last minute before she opened the door and heard "SURPRISE" belt out. i had to keep my girl at the mall for four hours....me. the one with NO money in the bank had to pretend like shopping was my life. it was lovely let me tell ya. ;) lol...i had the time of my life though. the look on her face was priceless and we got some cool time to kick it together. that night we ate good food, took 'a couple' of shots of tequila and vodka and got happy :) all in all it was a great night...i heard i said some not so nice things to my buds...ugh. i HATE being the annoying drunk but for the most part it was cool. i woke up this morning at 10 feeling disorientated and sore lol..perfect for a night of wild partying and dancing. your buds only turn 27 once lol...ya gots to celebrate.

today i went and saw mission impossible too. after my mission possible it was nice to cut back and relax with a movie....so i thought. that movie was so intense! it was great though. i never saw the first two but i've heard that it's the best and i totally could still follow the plot so i recommend it totally! even with annoying tom cruise it was all to the good ;)


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