i'm watching casanova. this is HILARIOUS. i can't wait to be in films! ha! i can't wait!

this type of entertainment is the only thing keeping me going right now. i have $30 to last two weeks...and some lovely credit cards for gas...i've started a little game....lets see how long it takes before tishy breaks. can brokeness (yes i know that's not a word!) break or make stronger? today i'm highly optimistic. i think being broke has its benefits. i'm getting creative :)

i do think this is quite unfortunate for any attempt at a love life though. i've always been under the impression that i have to bring something to the table as well..so the fact that i'm a struggling actress working as a modern day slave at an insurance company of all places is highly worthy of anything swell. independent and free in the same regard...that's all. ok movie's getting good. ta ta for now.


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