i'm in love

i fell in love this weekend. it's never happened before in my lifetime. people have asked me before if i've ever loved enough to move and i never understood that concept until i went to san diego this weekend and fell in love with a little place called la jolla. oh my gosh that is THE first vacation i've ever taken that i've come back from feeling 100% refreshed. it was so beautiful and chill and dope. for the first time ever i feel there's a place i want to retire to. i never got it when people said they had to live here, had to live there...yadda yadda. i get it now. so the first night my friend and i got in we went out and met up with my cuz who i haven't seen in almost 10 years...it was mad crazy cool. we went to this cool club that i sadly can not remember the name of but it was in the gas lamp district. i had mojitos since i was on vacation (wink) and then ended it with glass after glass of cosmos which are strategic (i just need to feel good and sloshed) drinks. my cuz is dating this really interestingly cool new zealand cat who had brought a friend from scottland who plays on his rugby team and this girl from ireland. now my friend can drink like a fish...he's the mexican great brown hope in that frickin department BUT these dudes seriously gave him a run for his money....it was a good thing we had taken a cab out there cuz it was seriously typsy tishy time that night. we just laughed and caught up, danced and caught up some more. it's a been a long time since i've gotten to kick it with family and quite fun to tell people that the cute little white cameron diaz looking chick beside me was indeed my cuz. i ate killer seafood all weekend long, stayed in the most beautiful hotel room, slept like a baby because of the ocean air...great weather, played in this park near the beach....ugh. it was just heaven. i was seriously about to cry when it was time to leave yesterday evening...but alas all good things come to an end. i have to go back though. the place is like a serious drug. love at first visit is pretty dope, but i gotta go back to make sure this is real love :)

as for today- i'm being treated to this day spa thing. this is gonna rock and exactly what i needed so that i could prolong the "memorial weekend rocks!" euphoric feeling i've been bouncing along to. massages, facials and some sun...ya can't beat that!


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