a day without a conscious

so i totally felt like a bad person for going into work today. i was driving in and there was NO ONE on the freeways...i got to work in 20 or so minutes...it usually takes me an hour...AND there was heavy fog. it was crazy...while i should have been happy i wasn't. i felt sad that i wasn't doing anything to participate in something that could radically change the way we see and treat immigrants in this country. the sad thing was most of the people that did come into work today were totally ignorant and insensitive to what was going on...i heard on two different occasions some ignorant person going up to a person assumed by the other to be mexican and thus immigrant and saying "thank you for coming into work today"...one such instance happened in the restroom. i just wanted to slap the lady..."thank you for coming into work to pick up my t.p. i accidentally threw on the frickin floor while i'm wiping my butt..." was what she basically meant...whatever. i'm kinda disappointed in myself.

i just had a killer nosebleeed...lol. i know, i'm a nerd. the weather's changing..it's dry... i don't know but im suffering from a major headache now...damn! must go to bed. ciao folks.


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