when do i move into the yang?

why is it TH:IS hard? so my roommate tells me today that i'm inconvenient and need to start paying her more rent...$150 more rent. i'm struggling to stay above water. i feel like i'm way out in the ocean and every time i get to come up for a little bit of air a big wave just comes crashing back at me and i lose more and more strength each time. my stress is stifling me. my best friend is coming to visit me this weekend and i'm thanking my lucky stars (ha that's her ring tone actually) i'm finding out just how lucky i am...she's coming to visit and that will be a breath of fresh air plus my other best friend here has offered to let me crash at her place if need be until i find a roomie and all that jazz....if i wasn't so numb i'd probably cry cuz my friends are so good to me.

i'm a craptastic friend lately...totally self obsessed and i want you all to know that it's not my favorite thing to be and i hope to get back to normal very soon. ahhhhhh!

i've got "feeling good" playing on my main page to inspire me to turn a new page...drop the bad luck and move into the yang of my first year in los angeles...it's time for the positive!

i've started to receive audition updates from that web site my agent put me on and i sent over a resume and pic to this guy who's a friend of the family..he's got friends in the business so who knows. i tell you what though. i have enough emotions running thru me right now to method act for a straight year! lol..just in case anyone needs a ball of emotional blah-ba-dee-bloo

ok. it's 9:10 and i'm going to bed. sleep is the only thing that saves me i say. my best friend volde's birthday is tomorrow. we might go to san diego for the day (i took Thursday and Friday off with my lovely PTO time). that would be a lovely getaway if it happens. i'll keep you posted.


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