thighs of thunder

ok so it's hell season, otherwise known as wedding season and lucky for me i have a close childhood friend who happens to be getting married. i'm taking it like a g this year though...i'm just gonna roll thru the punches.  i went to the stinkin bridal store to get measured and all that jazz today and lucifer herself told me that i no longer hold the cute measurements that got me into modeling years thighs are now gasp 6 inches bigger than they were. so yeah i know i should embrace my thickness and call it a day BUT i'm trying to make it into the 'business'...nicole kidman is my height and 20 pounds under me right much to my chagrin i'm gonna turn into one of those darn healthy people and actually start exercising...sigh groan gasp. yes, my best friend will jump for joy-she's this big fitness guru that's been on my case for years but jeez...did i have to be drop kicked into doing it? damn the ladies with measuring equipment in cute lil stores for prom kids. i am waking up at 5:00 in the stinkin morning tomorrow to go walk...which will turn into running and a gym pass by the end of the week. i better get mad buff ya'll!


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