planes rains and automobiles

i've never been so happy to see the rain may be coming back but at least i have two good days of dryness. :) the puddles in my apartment have subsided, i have cleaned up a buttload and i have a pot of tea on the stove while miles davis's nice. i picked up my car today too...can you believe this ish...i pull up to enterprise and he does the walk around...someone freaking stole the hubcap off the dang car! um he didn't charge me though..maybe it was my charming "just got off of a long day of work" look.

i picked up my car...Kizzix is back! i missed her really i did. that darn focus i was driving made me feel like i belonged on an old english dirt road somewhere in europe lost out of my mind.

i'm so tired from this week. i'm cracking up over the fact that even though my apartment flooded my roomie is still demanding all her dang rent i just being ghetto for thinking i should get some kinda discount for the inconvenience? this a classic "my neck, my back" moment? sorry if so.

have you noticed that i haven't mentioned relationships in a long time? i'm dating and i'm happy but it's so weird. i feel like i'm not in the right place to own any relationship entitlement...i feel like my bad luck deters me from bringing anything good into any type of anything. lol. i feel like the scary bad luck monster. maybe all of that will change too. today felt different...maybe the luck is starting to change...maybe just maybe

my best friend is coming to visit me next weekend and even though i'm broke as a joke i so have to make this the most fun she's ever had in a new city. if you know of cool cheap (free) things to do let me know! more than anything i can't wait for the sangria night...we both love the stuff...movies and liquor..great combo.

my dad (step dad for those that may be confused to wonder why i wrote about losing a parent in a previous blog) just called and is buying me a plane ticket for this summer to go see my grandparents (the rich ones that think i'm wasting my life by going after an acting career and won't give me a dime to help out) lol...i do love planes though. :)


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