my stupid car

why doesn't car insurance work like health insurance? you walk into the joint, get the work done and then pay your $25 deductible and be done with it. i'm too poor for this ish. i was enjoying my beautiful saturday afternoon when my gears started going berzerk and my car began to lurch...don't you just love how much we depend on these contraptions?! i wanted to go look at cute summer shoes at cheap stores, drop by ikea and look for a cute book stand but alas. i'm a prisoner. does anyone have any thoughts on certified used cars versus new ones? i'm researching hondas right now. i was totally bent on getting a prius but they're really expensive and are expensive to maintaine...not to mention my credit could be in the pits right now...gulp...not really worth the 20 miles of extra gas ya know. i'd love to hear your thoughts. hit me up!


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