harsh review

so i'm sitting here, eating my cinnamon toast crunch cereal and watching the morning news before work and of course since i live in los angeles there's no such thing as hard or 'real' news...i'm watching american idol recaps, tom kat stuff and a bit on julia roberts making her debut on broadway. i'm sitting there watching the b roll of her performance and it was crazy, she acts on stage like me...i can't explain it...it's not a good thing ( lol) the reviews spout such comments as "she's a lamppost, too stiff..." yeah lol. maybe she's my twin more than i thought. i had a dream last night that i met this random guy thru my 'dream boyfriend' who doesn't exist and he asked about my acting. i said film and he said that was a hefty little goal...i said i couldn't help it-had felt that way since i was four and had tried to banish the thoughts and try for a 'real' job...he said he could respect that and then i woke up. go figure.


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