friends with poems

my friend on here, a.scension sent me this poem by lainia a while back and it just continues to stick in my's beautifully painful. check it out:


all I wanna kno is, did I hurt people?

did I take their luv & smash it against the windows of their souls?

did i violate someone?

did i rape revolutionaries?

did i steal from churches and temples?


could I have done to deserve meeting u?

was i a wrongful war veteran? did i sell drugs?

did i squeal on nat turner?

was i an overseer? did i make babies with my own children?


could i have ever done to deserve meeting u?

did i pimp children? did i willingly sleep with massah tom?

did i help frame gravey?

did i sell black people to white people for their pleasure?

did i help guide the goddamn ships in?


could i possibly have done to deserve meeting u


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