ok so i'm waiting for my couch to arrive so i flip on the tele and watch "date your mom" or whatever that mtv reality tv show is and the mom tells this girl that her daughter picks her nose and then tells the camera "she likes to dig for that green gold" i'm gonna throw up in my mouth a little but it was funnier than a mug! what can i say?

so this is another chill weekend for me. i'm gonna hit up ikea later and look for cute stuff for my space (be girlie) and then i think my boy v and i might see that new movie, akeelah and the bee. i've been waiting to see it for a while now.

as for acting updates. i got really REALLY frustrated the other night and kinda chewed out my agent a little. i was just upset that he gave me this stupid web site and told me good luck basically so i asked if he's going to help at he writes back and all of a sudden my pics are up like they should have been and he wants me to come back in to sign some things...hmm...maybe you do have to be a diva in hollywood. this is my life! i can't be ms. nice girl anymore!

my girl sent me my favorite candies, cinnamon bears so i'm chomping away on them and enjoying life. it's groovy.

ah. side note.i fobfoed really bad the other day on a friend of mine...totally freaked out before finding out and when i found out the real news it was nothing to be alarmed over...lesson in point: work on the fobfo


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