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oh my female goddess!

that book was utterly amazing. i could not put it down. i tried my hardest not to read it. i wasn't trying to drink the emperor's kool-aid, but i finally succumbed due to the dang movie coming out with my darling tom hanks and i'm glad i did. i won't say anything about the book (I'M NOT THAT MEAN!) but i will say that it brought my imagination back in full force. i haven't zoned that hard over a book in years. great writing totally inspires me and gets me going. i think that's exactly what i needed to shake my "best friend leaving blues". if you haven't read the book please do so. i know some shy from the subject matter, so if for nothing else read it simply because it's written extremely well and will keep you on the edge of whatever until the very LAST page. it's that crazy good! ha! thanks jen for making me wait until the end. you're a good best bud :)


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