closer to my dream

i'd like to think that the song i now have on my profile is foreshadowing things to come...

am i getting closer to my dream? i just sent my pics off for this web site my agent told me i have to post up with called la casting. it all seems so out of my reach and unattainable right now. so close and yet so far...

i realize that i've focused way too much on personal relationships here in los angeles...less attention on my actual purpose for being here. i can't help it though, i'm a hopeless romantic and the idea of closing out dating and all that is terribly depressing BUT relationships don't seem to be doing me very much good. they just distract me...whether they're working or not. my big thing is making it without having to be a robot in all other aspects of my life.

so close to my dreams...i have no idea how to live the life i've chosen for myself. i have no clue what to do when i wake up in the morning. it's all scary and intimidating. i feel like a little girl lost in a big adult world. no paragraph to humor the moment...nothing cute to end this with. that's just it. i'm lost and scared right now


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