best friends and texas T's

this was a great weekend! i took off thursday and friday to spend time with my boy like i mentioned before but friday was rainy and nasty....didn't get to go back to the beach, my car had to go back into the shop and so i had to walk home in the rain cuz the car guy didn't offer to take me home lol. but i got to sit and play with my lil homie, jay, my girl's son and then i went and picked up my boy and we headed down the 405 to get my girl. it was cool because they get along like they've known each other for years. i was loving that stuff up. we went to this cute little italian restaurant down off of lankershim i believe where the staff sings and chowed down on some good grub and sat and talked until the staff was blowing out the candles to go home. we took ole boy home and then we went back and played giggly girls until three in the morning. the next day we shopped until we literally dropped in old town pasadena for an outfit my girlie can wear to an awards ceremony she gets to attend next weekend back here in los angeles (you got it. i get her two weekends in a row!) so we did that...ate at my favorite burger joint in the world, went and saw this crazy weird movie called brick at the arc light theater and then my boy did a fine job of showing her the parts of los angeles you don't usually get to see as a tourist..the cool lil spots that give LA its character. we ate at this sushi place on sunset called miyagi's that's famous and then went to this bar called the Saddleranch (i believe) where my girl was introduced to the oh so nice "Texas T"..this huge drink that left her quite the tipsy one..then we picked up a friend who was getting out of a play and went to yet another bar/lounge that another friend hipped me to a couple of weeks ago called "magnolia". it's in pasadena. it was a crazy goofy night and i loved the whole day! i wish it could have lasted longer but i'm glad that she's coming back next weekend. :) now it's's easter and i'm without my fam or friends. that's kind of a bummer but i'll be ok. i miss my mom's easter baskets she makes up for me...yeah i know i'm grown..AND! ha!

wish me luck on waking up at 5 something after four beautiful days of late nights and late mornings!


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