i just got back from dropping my girlie off at LAX. i'm sad. i've been getting a little teary eyed for a week now just thinking about having to drop her off for the final time. it's always hard. this is the same girl that i would cry hard over when she'd just leave to go back to her college that was four hours away...the fact that we're thousands of miles apart now should tell ya that today i will not be a happy camper. she's at the airport waiting for her flight, but my friend is gone. :(

this weekend was really cool though. on friday we went to her awards ceremony. if i didn't mention it before my girl is a brilliant writer. she's an assistant editor for a magazine back home. she was nominated for an article she did over steroids. very nice...although she didn't win that night i was freaking so proud. it was cool to sit back and watch her interact with these other writers and publishers. i love having talented friends!!!! saturday we woke up EXTREMELY early cuz she's still on kansas city crack time and we went to breakfast in old town..this little italian restaurant i love called mi piace. then we went to starbucks, went shopping down on eagle rock blvd cuz they have cute lil boutiques, then we went to the getty together and just had fun making up stories of these classical paintings that (i apologize) were quite borring initially. the stories were great though ya'll. :) i wasn't too impressed by the art work but the museum itself was beautiful and being up that high (yes i, tish, was up high without hyperventilating to death) was actually surreal. after the museum we went shopping cuz jen needed polka dots like she needed air (i'm still trying to figure out this craving) so we hit up a mall, then went grocery shopping at this beautiful store that i'm obsessed with where we bought lovely food to make these salmon burgers and these zuchini and tomato tart things. it was all really really good.

i took her to the chalet-this little bar that i love to visit from time to time. we had cosmos..i tried to get my fortune read but then chickened out...is anyone else scared of that ish? thanks michele for the "you have no fortune" story!

all in all it was a great weekend to just hang with my girl one on one and just catch up like we used to. at one time we were in school together. we lived ten minutes away and life was perfect. it's weird to imagine where we've turned up in our life and how we may never live close to each other again. i need a nap. too much to handle at 8 on a sunday morning


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