you gotta be gangsta in los angeles even the roads are mean

3.26.2006 last night i was driving in my car (la de da) when this nasty metal rod thing flew up into my car, busted my windshield and went thru it. talk about freak out session. i was in total shock. luckily i had the support of my boy vic with me who can totally stay cool under pressure. i mean all these people are telling me at the gas station i pulled over to that i'm lucky to be alive...that the way it entered my windshield could have killed me....not a good thing to hear after it's just happened. i was in the worst kind of shock's so weird to know that your life could end from something as stupid as a metal axel thingy (see i don't even know the name of the damn thing and IT could have messed me up seriously) ugh...and we're not even going to discuss the expenses. glass went flying thru and i had it all in my hair, mouth...i have cuts near my mouth....i look pretty ya'll. watch out for los angeles freeways. you have to seriously be gangsta out here to make it! the roads are even mean!


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