v is for vantastic dawling

v for vendetta is brilliant! it's sooo not your normal comic book/action packed movie. i mean it has all that, the gore and whatever, but it's so brilliant...english humor abounds...you actually have to pay attention to the dialogue from the get go..bree and i found that out quickly. (hee hee) but the star is of course natalie portman...she's just so natalie. i can't explain what type of movie this is but it does paint a lovely picture of goverment that michael moore would just love :) i actually cried in one scene..yes i realize i cry a lot but it was justified...dang it.

after the movie we went to this cute lil pizzeria down the street in burbank that had boston-style pizza. it was good ish i must say. all in all it was a nice chill day. now i'm back at home with my tea trying to prepare for my day tomorrow. hopefully i find out if i have my job permanently now. it sucks that i actually had to interview for the dang thing twice..hmph but as long as i have some type of security while out here i'm good to go. some people don't get how important that is for me but dang. i hear the industry is in a lull right now. i have to be as prepared as possible!

it's grey's anatomy night. :) life's good. i think after this weekend i've realized having a boyfriend won't be so bad. for awhile there i thought i was totally anti-relationship for good but i'm starting to come around. i don't know about marriage still but..baby steps people...baby steps!


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