saki bombs!

so i've just had my first and certainly not my last saki bomb at this AWESOME place called tokyo delves. this place was so amazing...lets just say by the end of the night i was chugging beer (which i loathe) and dancing in my chair to the nice sounds of stevie wonder's "happy birthday" ha! great sushi and the folks there were best friend is coming to visit me in april and my boy v has already told me we're bringing her there...he's got an itinerary going :) get ready jen! wahooo! i am feeling quite under the weather now though...i said before. i do not do beer. sigh...

v tried to get me to go to some place called mood last night but britney spears and jake gyllenhaal had bought the place out so that wasn't's not really my bag though..he seemed so disappointed we didn't get in and i just looked at him do club promoters set those places up to make people feel like ish when they're not special enough to get in...he was willing to put down over a hundred bucks for us to get in..are you kidding me? we went to the geisha house (ashton kutcher's place) instead. i had a tom collins, he had three jack and cokes and some interesting stories to tell (gotta love drunk dialogue) and that was our night. sigh...i think i would have been fine with just sushi.

now i'm watching the new real world with the bulimic girl...does mtv condone this? i mean seriously..they present it like this is a problem but do they really believe that..or is bulimic behavior how you get noticed on a damn show? sigh...i don't know man.

tv has been giving us mad material to discuss. we'll see how it all goes. so i guess that's it for now. the dinner plans i was supposed to have tonight...with the new friend from kansas city...i think are gonna not go thru...that'll suck. i need connections!


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