revolutionary petunia

ah man...a friend just responded to my blog, ending it by calling me revolutionary petunia...doh. i feel like a big weak poser when i write blogs about cracking and then put that i'm a revolutionary petunia on my page..i know you can be strong and still crack too but i really did lose my cool monday..does alice walker or angela davis cry like that?! hmph.

homework assignment time!

go rent the movie "something's gotta give" with jack nicholson and diane keeton. there's a scene where diane keeps bawling hysterically...that's more like how it went down. maybe i just need to redefine what it means to be a rev. petunia...maybe?

today was so much better though. i got into my car and only hesitated for a sec. i got to work and did the dang thing. i saw my buds there, specifically my guy best friend and i knew i'd be cool. it was progress...every day hopefully will get a little bit easier to deal with...all of it. the good and the bad.

i want an easy button from staples though! wouldn't that be swell? i'm watching the biggest loser currently. my best friend was right..this ish is addicting!


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