the oscars

i'm watching...and i'm so sad. those people..those great people are seriously not more than 30 miles away from me right now...i want to be there so bad i can't see straight. i wanna cry right now.

is this not the best oscars ever? john stewart is witty and freaking hilarious as hell! i love him! i watch this show like a little kid. i have my thin mints and my glass of soy milk and a blankie, i'm watching this stuff with wide open eyes, drooling quite frankly. every time someone gets up there to say their acceptance speech my speech runs thru my head...yes, i've had a speech prepared since i was four. i used to practice this speech with a bottle of pink hair lotion as my oscar...complete with so the moral of this blog; don't forget about me or write me off as a dreamer guys...don't doubt that i will make it. what you see on tv...those great films in all those montages runs in my veins..i don't know how it got there but it's there nonetheless


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