mixed up

oh guys...today was just terrible! i found out that it supposedly was going to cost $2500 to fix my car. the guy asked me if i knew anything about cars...i said no which he took us (gold mine) and then preceded to tell me all this bull crap and had my head spinning. so i called up my mom who called up a mechanic friend of hers. turns out the chrysler dealership was SO trying to scam me :( not cool right? so this whole day i've been trying to do my work for my needy bosses, i've been trying to figure out my car stuff but i never had time to sit and call their butts to figure out what was really happening...didn't have time to go to la casting and submit my pictures so i can get auditions, didn't have time to register as a new employee at my job, didn't have time to talk to payroll to GET PAID...i couldn't breath or eat for most of the day. i was just miserably stressed. i'm still stressed. i didn't think i would make it to that author meeting tonight...thank God I did or today would really have been bad enough to send me packing back to kc. everyone's getting on my nerves and i know it's because i'm extremely overworked and exhausted out of my mind. i hate being this way. TO THE GOOD STUFF THOUGH!  so i made it to the book signing with two minutes to spare :) i sit beside this really cool chick that reminds me a lot of my girl back in new orleans, lex (SHOUT OUT TO LEX!) and we start to chat. then angela, the author, shows up and she's totally cool. she looks different than her book picture and the dame has an amazing voice. she sounds kind of like gina davis...she's super intelligent with a lot of flava...great combination, i liked her immediately. she kept looking over at me during the reading which was interesting. i could tell she wanted to see if i was relating to her experiences...i was busting out laughing in parts so obviously i was. she has a level of sophistication similar to my twin in sacramento, ms. michele you would have LOVED HER! ya'll are too similar energy wise. anyways after the reading everyone formed a line to get their book signed and when it was my turn i apologized for not having any questions...just a little overwhelmed (plus my brain is seriously fried today!) and then told her that i was the chick who had written her peeps on her web site. she knew what i was talking about which was a plus and then told me she had always tried to get mixed chicks on her show, scrubs, (she writes for scrubs!) but they'd always say the girls weren't 'black enough' so she was happy to inform me that there would be a lot of mixed chicks on this show :) nice eh? she said she'd definitely keep my info and asked for my pic and resume...good stuff. hopefully she's not laughing at my butt for having such little experience...ya gotta start somewhere right? i think it would be so cool..i can't even express it right now..my mind isn't functioning properly. time for bed. this weekend i have to do some serious soul searching cuz the cracks in my sanity are slowly breaking more and more apart.  i'm still trippin off the fact that i didn't ask one question of her...dang it. check out her book ya'll and get back to me. it's Mixed: My Life in Black and White.


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