march madness baby!

score according to ESPN: 230 so far

yes, i am one of those crazy march madness heads and i'm loving today! my brackets have won two years in a row and i'm going for my third year now...everything happens in three's right? i'm watching the kentucky game right now and getting quite heated that they're not showing the frickin ku game. what's up with that!? thank you, thank you ESPN for fresh updates online!

so that's what i'll be doing this whole weekend. i tried to get peeps to join me but i gets no love out on the west coast unfortunately, but it's cool cuz i have my tv..and sunday i'll have my niece/dog, bliss..this little toy poodle thing with me. (i'm a nice auntie that's all i have to say) KU IS LOSING!? what?!

as for the week. it started to shape up a little more. taking that tuesday off really did help clear my head quite a bit. (there's a hot guy on the tv right now with dreds..i love dreds!) anyways. yesterday evening i went and saw "failure to launch" with my best guy bud and i was laughing hard core cuz he's the main guy character in that movie for real. it's really cheesy in parts, but still worth seeing. i recommend it. check it out.

acting update. so i swear a great uncle of mine said he had this friend that was a big power agent out here in los angeles. he sends me this essence article and tells me to check her out so i'm thinking it's a hook up for i call him back to get her info and he tells me that he was just interested in the article and doesn't know her lol...sigh. guys. any suggestions? any all? cuz all i have is an agent that's acting like turtle jenkins...what's up with that?!

ok i'm officially march mad. gotta go scream. ciao!


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