lucky or unlucky?

i don't know if i'm extremely lucky or extremely unlucky. crazy things just keep happening to me and i just can't shake saturday night's outcome. i keep having these killer pun intended.

i remember the night that it happened the guy in the gas station told my friend that we were lucky and should buy a lottery ticket. he came back and asked me to look in my back pocket. so i did and out comes the lottery ticket. of course we didn't win or i'd be writing a blog about how swell having money is but i thought about that. am I lucky? am i supposed to be out here acting or is God seriously trying to give me some hints? Maybe these are those lovely trials you go thru in order to have the perfect true hollywood story on E. maybe?

i'm just glad i'm alive...seriously.

ok holes is on which happens to be one of my fav kid movies. it's great and one of my best friends from kc, marcus just called me to tell me about his spring break in miami's good to come back to favorites.


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