i'm permanent

ok things are starting to look up. today i stood my ground on not one but TWO whack bills that came in the mail. usually i would just cry, accept the dang thing and pay whatever but i knew i was getting hoodwinked so i called and made a stink and they took that ish away..i can't live like that bobby i can't live like that!

then i called my agent to find out what in the world was taking so long with my headshots and he NEVER RECEIVED THEM...groan. i'm at a loss for words but i think i scared him into some action cuz he's searching up and down for 'em now. maybe he can smell my disgust who knows : ) hee hee..THEN my bosses call me into their office, sit me down (without eye contact and i just knew they were going to tell me i didn't get the job) but they were totally punking me. i got the position so i'm about to go perm!!! wahooo that means i get benefits and insurance..that means no more freak outs about emergency room bills (expensive frickin temp insurance that i've been paying out the wazoo for because of that ER bill) AND the best part..i can take sanity days and audition days off (aka vacation and sick time) yahooo! that'll help me a lot. it's funny how your priorities change once you have to become a big kid. i HATE it that i'm sitting here getting hyped over benefits...sigh.

as for the job, i don't understand why more people out here trying to act don't do it that way. i hear the auditioning process can get kinda slow at times. this is perfect for me..for now anyways. such a good day...it's rainy, murky and cold and i don't care...i have a real job :) i celebrated today by gettng a cinnamon frapp...my fav.

i also spoke to my mom today. she's such an amazing woman..i don't know why more people can't see that ish...i feel so terrible that i can't be there to support her right now cuz the divorce and stress of life are really getting to her. some day hopefully i can spoil her rotten and allow her to never have to work again and it's gonna be great. that's my dream at least.

ok rain makes me sleepy. i'm going to bed. ta ta for now people. things are looking up. it's spring time officially (mother nature forgot the memo but oh well) and i'm alive and still hungry to act. gotta love it. :)


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