green does a body good

ok so i totally didn't get to ellaborate on the green blog i recently posted. isn't it just wonderful that someone out there thinks of green just as highly as i? good times and double points for all those that actually took the cute lil quiz. everybody be green!

as for the blog before that....the race boy vic pointed out a story on today's about how new legislation is making it harder for illegal aliens in's stirring all this hatred around the country and here in l.a. they're saying this very proposed bill is what has all the black and latino students beating each other up...what happened to if you're brown you're down?! it's a sad time. there is one positive thing i can see thru all of this though. there are proactive teens out there taking to the streets and marching for some understanding...just when you think younger generations are surely lost they come back and shock the heck out of you. there's a big protest happening in down town los angeles tomorrow..i personally will be getting my eyebrows waxed and then i'm going to the moca museum. i suck basically but i'm still proud of the kids. :) hey bushy eyebrows itch man! ok i'm shutting up now. liz please don't hurt me.

so this weekend i'm chillin and hanging with the peeps that mean the most to me here in los angeles. my roomie is going to a kem concert tonight...heifa. i wanted to go but she brought up the whole "you're a struggling actress, you're poor" and i shut right up. :( lol...i'm about to say goodbye to her and then go to bed. i know it's a friday night...but last night i drank a little bit during the sweet 16 games (which rocked by the way! hook 'em horns and go ucla!!! good game matt morrison) and then had to wake up this morning at 5:30. it hurt ok. moca museum and wax tomorrow...possible movie..sunday i'm making my boy watch diary of a mad black woman lol..i love guys that watch chick flicks with me!

now next week is a different story. so i'm reading this book that i'm totally diggin and i happen to read in my essence magazine that halle berry loved this book so much she's planning on producing it, an hbo series. so i write to the author (i've explained this before in an email i think) anyways, the authors publicist wrote me back and said she had forwarded my message to her and she wanted me to go to her los angeles book signing to meet her. she said all her film agents would be with her so it would be a great time to meet and see if i do have what it takes to be on her show...wish me luck ya'll..i mean for real! this could be such an awesome opportunity...this woman writes for scrubs if that means anything to you...she's hella funny and she's freaking this griot of the mixed cool would it be that my first real break was under my terms...what i know best...what i said i would speak about as a four year old aspiring actress..yes i had a mixed perspective even then...a skewed one but one nonetheless. so yes, please wish me luck. she's a thick woman...large breasts but other than that i think i could totally rock that part. ok. time to get ready for bed is calling me.....tish...tish....ciao! (and wish me luck...i know you think i won't be able to tell if you've sent the vibes but i can and i'm not feeling them yet!)


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