so i was all prepared to write a blog on all the stuff i read today on but my whole mindset has changed since that time...i really should sneak my laptop in to my job and write there...i tend to be more creative in the morning...pity. maybe it's a good thing i don't discuss cnn political mumbo jumbo...i don't really want my ish to be something that people debate..when it's just a narrative of my weird lil life no one can say ish..well my girls can tell me i'm being silly over a boy, but you get my point.

does anyone else have an eye twitch problem when they're unbearably tired? i can't be tired this's the beginning of my birthday month dang it! i frickin turn 25...and apparently according to one of my boys i'm totally having a quarter life crisis...i guess i have been pondering my life and what i've accomplished a lot lately. i just thought it was about time to do that..didn't know 25 had something to do with that..i mean i can finally rent a car all by myself..that's gotta be a cool thing, right?

i just finished eating thin mints...damn those girl tummy hurts...that's one of the only forms of chocolate i'll actually eat so i go buck wild on those little pieces of heaven.

i'm so tired. it's 9..this isn't cool. oh! i spoke to my agent about those girls that were freaking me out last weekend about having to have more than one agent,yadda yadda. he totally calmed my fears and set me at ease. gotta love the man. oh! i've been talking to this cat that i knew of from back home that has some industry contacts out here. he invited me to have dinner this weekend and talk about it. i'm really excited and hopeful that i can get something really awesome out of the meeting. cross your fingers ya'll!


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