celeb sitings

so i'm chillin yesterday after work with a friend and we decide to go see a movie...i see this gorgeous woman out of the corner of my eye..it's leila ali...um yeah. and then not even a minute later i turn to the woman in front of me who is talking loudly and obnoxiously...it's brandy the singer. what a weird night..even more weird that brandy actually liked the film "madea's family reunion"....um no. that movie was whack! don't see it folks...stick with "diary of a mad black woman" and call it a day.

i'm so tired right now. i really should try to stay up until my norm bed time but i'm droppin quick..that ish sucks. work just sucks me dry i'm afraid. it's almost the weekend though. this week just flew by didn't it? i'm going to a fishing/boat show this weekend lol...i love doing random cool things just cuz.

it's a sad day when i can't even blog because i'm so exhausted....sad i say


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